Top Hung using either, Hook Hinges or Non-Friction Stays and fitted with Chain-winders & keyed or non-keyed.

Side Hinged and fitted with Sill Mounted Truth Hardware and Latches - (Hardware can be fitted to Jamb if req)

Double Hung
Top & Bottom Sashes Slide Up & Down using any of the these systems: Jambliners, Spiral Balances, Counter-balances, Weights ‘n Cords

Bifold Windows
Multifold sashes to act as servery & side hinged with Dropbolts to secure in closed position

Sliding Windows
Timber Sliding Sashes in several options of & 2/panel, 3/panel or 4/panel

Sashless Windows
Timber framed with 2 panes of glass overlapping and sliding up and down past each other

Louvres Windows
Timber framed and with Blades of glass fitted into a Channel/Gallery installed onto the Styles

glass window doors